About Us

Established in 2003

Londy Lawyers is a specialist commercial litigation firm. We concentrate on solving difficult legal and commercial problems for business clients.

We do not undertake transactional work, such as conveyancing, business sales and purchases or the preparation of finance and security documents and commercial agreements, unless it arises in connection with some commercial or legal problem or dispute that involves the exercise of our specialist skills in problem solving and dispute resolution.

The need for our particular services may arise only occasionally in the conduct of the affairs of a business. However, when serious commercial problems arise, such as soured business relations and breaches of rights or obligations, clients want lawyers who have dealt with similar problems before, who can quickly grasp and evaluate the problem before them, and design and implement a strategy for achieving a solution that accords with the clients’ commercial objectives, including timing and cost. Londy Lawyers is this kind of firm.

Very often, the solutions which Londy Lawyers propose do not involve any kind of litigation or open disputation. On receiving initial instructions we often craft strategies that lay the groundwork for the achievement of commercial objectives without the need for later conflict. Likewise, it is sometimes apparent that a dispute or disagreement can be resolved by way of negotiation, or by a process of alternative dispute resolution (ie mediation or case appraisal).

On the other hand, there are some disputes which because of their facts or the personalities involved, can only be resolved by the intervention of a Court. We conduct these kinds of disputes with professionalism and vigour.

Some lawyers and their clients think of litigation as a mechanical exercise, in which one step automatically follows the other. We never look at a court case in this way. Every piece of litigation involves a unique interplay of personalities, facts, risks, benefits and costs. By giving the most careful consideration to these matters, we are able to devise a plan of action that is specifically tailored to the problem at hand, and gives our clients the best possible chance of achieving the result they want, within a commercially acceptable time-frame and cost.